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Turquoise Vino  (by Yakelle D)With all the snow days here in North Carolina in the past week,  it gave me some extra time to plan a shoot this weekend as I watched the snow melt.   The cold air was a little rough but keeping up with looks in Fashion Week gave me the inspiration I needed to get it done. And also some styles to look forward to in warmer weather.  What trends of Fashion Week got you motivated for the summer?

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You’re all young beautiful girls and young handsome boys who will be successful in life. Don’t you dare let someone else bring you down with there negativity. 



This is so cool

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For The People Who Never Go Crazy (by Yakelle D)                   “I feel bad for the people who never go crazy.” -Anonymous

My semester of college starts this week and I am more than ready to reunite with my friends. Getting reacquainted with homework however, that’s a different story…  My objectives this weekend is packing and trying to finish my self given project of making a skirt for my mom.  For my look, I think this might be one of my favorite shoots to date.  I felt so creatively free  with going a little print happy with pairing outfit pieces. I bought the cardigan,  geo crop top, and jogger pants from Rainbows about two weeks ago while Christmas shopping with my mom. This is definitely a great place to shop for some of the latest fashion trends at low-end prices and brands.  With my money mostly going to books and sewing supplies, this helps me to get the fashionable looks I want with reasonable prices I can actually afford. Plato’s Closet is also a great place to shop, especially for gently used name brand clothing at cheaper prices, which you can also swap your brand name clothing and accessories for cash.  This is where I bagged my ankle combat boots.  What high fashion trends do you find price alternatives for?

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